Direct Hire

Creating an Advantage vs. Filling a Position


Our strength lies in our ability to precisely match clients and candidates to ensure the success of a long-term relationship.  Our success in creating this match is a direct result of the process we follow and our commitment to our values and ethics.  Our specialist analyze your situation, accurately articulate the challenges and deliver cost-effective, practical solutions.  As companies continue to run lean, essential projects and initiatives still need to be addressed - often demanding highly specialized skills and experience. Alliance Enterprises is an ideal resource to help find highly qualified candidates for key positions in any size organization. When looking for solutions that generate the optimum return on human capital assets employed, look no further than Alliance Enterprises and profit with the professionals.


Retained Executive Search


When a client can't leave the executive search up to chance, the company will engage a retained search.  Retained executive search represents a clear commitment from both sides and sends a strong message that the hiring company highly values the opportunity.  When time, complexity and confidentiality are critical, retained search is a sound option.


Contingent Key Person Search


In addition to a company's 'post and pray' approach to identifying active candidates, a proactive company will engage a recruiting firm to identify passive candidates.


Confidential Replacement Hires


We can conduct a full confidential replacement search for you so you can have a new employee ready to start quickly during the transition of upgrading your staff.